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2018-19 RACC Student Catalog 
2018-19 RACC Student Catalog
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ACC 235 - Auditing

3 Credit Hours

Generally Accepted Auditing Standards are studied in this course in relation to the examination of financial statements by an independent auditor. The moral and ethical problems of the auditor are also covered in addition to the planning and implementation of an audit case using computerized spreadsheet software.

Prerequisite(s): ACC 205  

Semesters Offered: Spring


All accountants will have some exposure to audits during their accounting career. Knowledge of the process and theory behind an audit is essential. Students will obtain a working knowledge of auditing from both a public and internal perspective. 


  1. Describe the nature of auditing.

  2. Differentiate between the various audit reports.

  3. Discuss the importance of the code of professional conduct to auditing.

  4. Examine the legal environment of auditing.

  5. Describe the audit responsibilities and objectives.

  6. Examine the nature of audit evidence.

  7. Describe the importance of audit planning and documentation.

  8. Evaluate materiality and risk.

  9. Evaluate internal control and assess control risk.

  10. Describe the overall audit plan and audit program.

  11. Apply the auditing process to the sales and collection cycle.

  12. Describe audit sampling techniques.

  13. Apply the auditing process to the acquisition and payment cycle.

  14. Apply the auditing process to cash balances.

  15. Examine issues related to the completion of the audit.

  16. Describe other audit, attestation services, and compilation engagements.

  17. Differentiate between internal and government financial auditing and operational auditing.

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