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2021-22 RACC Student Catalog 
2021-22 RACC Student Catalog
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EAP 040 - Writing I

4 Credit Hours

This is the second course in a three-level sequence of writing courses for multilingual students. Students will develop skills and strategies of essay planning, composing, and revising through hands-on writing, collaborative activities, guided writing practice, and detailed feedback from the instructor. In addition, students will improve their use of English by working in a web-based English language learning program.

Prerequisite(s): EAP 030 - Foundations of College Writing  with a grade of “C” or better, placement by appropriate score on placement exam, or permission of the ESL coordinator

Semesters Offered: All

This program provides services to non-native English-speaking students as well as native English-speaking students with non-English language influences in their backgrounds. Typical enrollees are: international students, resident immigrants, undergraduate students wishing to pursue a RACC degree or transfer RACC credits to another institution, and college graduates and professionals wishing to improve skills using standard American English. Students are placed at the appropriate level of EAP instruction through a combination of computerized testing and writing-sample assessment. EAP credit courses include the following:

The EAP program has a fully-equipped multi-media computer lab designed to support students in all areas of program instruction. This facility is located in Room 119 of Humanities Center in The Yocum Library.

For further information about EAP credit courses and placement, please contact:

  • Eleisha Moreno, EAP Program Coordinator 610.372.4721, extension 5094

The EAP Program office is located in Room 104 of The Yocum Library.

For classes in Workplace Literacy or English Survival Skills, please contact:

  • Auria Bradley, Director of Literacy Programs at 610.607.6227, or

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