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2018-19 RACC Student Catalog 
2018-19 RACC Student Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ART 111 - Introduction to Drawing

3 Credit Hours

This course introduces the basic principles of drawing. Emphasis is on studying the elements of design, developing the skills to use these concepts objectively and executing ideas on a two-dimensional surface. Students will be required to create independent works of art and to participate in field trips to museums and art galleries.

Prerequisite(s): COM 050  or COM 051  or ESL 050  and COM 061  or ESL 060  

Semesters Offered: All


The understanding of compositional principles is necessary to make a successful drawing. Elements of design such as line, shape, texture and value are formal properties that must be dealt with when making art. Ideas can be communicated visually when individuals understand how to use these elements and principles in their work.

Viewing exhibiting artists’ work and studying recognized artists aid students in understanding the various kinds of art made. Critiquing personal work and the work of others enables individuals to make artistic judgments which enhance the meaning of a particular piece. This process promotes an understanding of the artist’s intent.


  1. Identify the fundamentals of creating a good composition

  2. Interpret the symbolic uses of line

  3. Describe the use of value as a tool for modeling forms with light

  4. Explain the principles of linear and atmosphere perspective

  5. Describe the properties of geometric and organic shapes

  6. Create drawings that illustrate an understanding of the principles and elements of art

  7. Critique his/her own work and that of others

  8. Research an artist and present information to the class

  9. Critique works of art at a museum

  10. Describe in writing feelings and opinions regarding works of art

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