May 16, 2021  
2019-20 RACC Student Catalog 
2019-20 RACC Student Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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HIS 110 - US History I: Foundations of American Society

3 Credit Hours

This course examines the cultural, social, political, and economic foundations of American society from pre-contact Native American society to the end of Reconstruction. This course will explore major political and economic developments such as colonization, revolution, nation building, industrialization, the changing market economy, expansion and conquest, and civil war. A variety of primary and secondary sources will be used to explore race and ethnicity, social and economic class, gender and gender identity, sexuality, and immigration in the context of political, economic, and social change.




Prerequisite(s):  COM 098  or ESL 050  and ESL 060  







Semesters Offered: Fall/Summer

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