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    Jul 22, 2024  
2014-2015 RACC Student Catalog 
2014-2015 RACC Student Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Students who wish to receive credit for educational experiences other than RACC classes should contact the Enrollment Services Office. The staff can assist in the following areas:

  1. Credit by Examination
  2. Life Experience/Portfolio Assessment
  3. Transfer Credit
  4. CLEP Test Credit
  5. Advanced Placement Credit

Credit by Examination - Institutional examinations for credit were designed for students who have previous experience that applies to a specific course. Students may be eligible to take a test to earn college credit for a particular course. Credit by Examination is considered resident credit. Prior to sitting for these exams a student must pay the cost of one credit hour for each test they intend to take.

Portfolio Development for Life Experience Assessment - Students who have been admitted as degree seeking students may request an assessment of college-level learning gained from work experiences, travel, seminars, workshops, self-study, or other means through the development of a portfolio. Prior to compiling a portfolio, students should consult with an Enrollment Services staff member and request a Guide to Portfolio Development. Clinical coursework for all Health Services programs may not be earned in this manner. Prior to the assessment of a submitted course portfolio, students must pay the cost of one credit hour for each request. Portfolio credit is considered resident credit and may not transfer to other institutions.

Transfer Credit and Evaluations - Students transferring from another college or university should follow the standard procedures for admission to Reading Area Community College. Reading Area Community College will not accept a grade below a “C” in transfer. Exceptions may be approved by the Assistant Dean of the student’s program of study.

Acceptability of transfer credit also depends on the appropriateness of the course(s) to a given program, the comparability of the course to the courses offered at Reading Area Community College, and the length of time which has elapsed since the credit was earned. It is the responsibility of the student to provide Reading Area Community College with official transcripts and any other requested materials to assist in the proper evaluation of these credits. Electronic transcripts may be submitted here.

CLEP Testing - CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) and DSST/CLEP (Dantes Subject Standardized Tests) completed with passing scores will be evaluated for credit at Reading Area Community College. See a list of tests and the RACC equivalent courses.

Military Service - Reading Area Community College will grant academic credit for military school service and military occupational speciality (MOS) rating as recommended by the Army American Council on Education registry system Military credit is not resident credit. Official military records must be requested and sent directly to the College for evaluation. Military transcripts may be requested at

Advanced Placement - Tests which are specifically designed by the College Board for secondary school students to eliminate duplication of studies at the college level are accepted at Reading Area Community College. See a list of tests and the RACC equivalent courses.

Examinations are graded on a scale of 1 to 5 with a standard passing score of 3. Reading Area Community College will generally award students transfer credit for AP exams passed with a 3 or higher in most cases.

Reading Area Community College reserves the right to use 4 or 5 as the minimum passing score for certain AP exams. For example, a score of 4 or higher on the AP English Language and Composition test is required for English Composition (COM 121 ) credit; a score of 4 or higher on the AP English Literature and Composition test is required for Composition and Literature (COM 131 ) credit.

Clinical coursework in Health programs cannot be earned through AP testing.

Articulated Credit Policy

In addition to evaluating coursework for transfer of credit from colleges and universities accredited by recognized regional accreditation agencies, Reading Area Community College will award credit toward its degree and certificate programs from the following sources: work and professional experience, instruction or educational experiences at non-regionally accredited institutions, instruction or educational experiences in workforce or community education programs at RACC, partnership programs for which agreements exist that define credit award, and other experiences which may be reasonably regarded as resulting in knowledge and skill corresponding to courses and programs offered at the college. The award of college credit verifies that the student has acquired knowledge, skills, or competencies comparable to what would be acquired in a college course. Unless the College has evaluated and approved the courses or programs in question prior to the request for award of credit, the burden of proof rests with the student requesting the award of credit. Credit is awarded only under the following conditions.

  1. The student is currently admitted to a program of study at Reading Area Community College.
  2. The total award of credit cannot exceed 75% of the total credits required for the degree or 50% of the credits, instructional hours, or courses required for the certificate program which the student seeks. Any exceptions must be approved by the relevant Vice President.
  3. The student must submit all documents required for the assessment of the award of credit.
  4. The student must file an application for assessment and pay any fees associated with the assessment. The College does not guarantee an award of credit based on the application or its assessment.
  5. All assessments and their credit award are determined by instructors in the area in which credit is sought and must be approved by the direct supervising administrator of the instructor.
  6. Documentation of the results of all assessments and their credit approval or denial will be maintained confidentially by the College.
  7. Articulated credit awarded is applicable only to RACC’s programs and may or may not transfer to other institutions. Acceptance of this credit is the sole prerogative of the institution to which the student desires to transfer.