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    Jul 23, 2024  
2022-23 RACC Student Catalog 
2022-23 RACC Student Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CHE 120 - Principles of Chemistry

4 Credit Hours (Lab)

This course introduces the basic concepts and principles of chemistry. It is suitable for students who have had little, if any, instruction in chemistry. The course provides an integrated lecture and laboratory experience. 

Topics include measurement and unit conversions, physical and chemical properties, states of matter and energy, atomic structure, chemical periodicity, chemical nomenclature, chemical bonds, Lewis structures, and molecular shapes, chemical reactions, the mole concept and stoichiometry, properties of gases, acid-base solutions and the pH concept. 

Prerequisite(s): COM 098  OR EAP 050  and EAP 060  

MAT 030  (recommended), MAT 032  , MAT 034  , or MAT 035  with a grade of “C” or better, or any higher-level math. 

Semesters Offered: Fall/Spring

This course satisfies the core competency for

Scientific Reasoning.

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