Sep 23, 2021  
2014-2015 RACC Student Catalog 
2014-2015 RACC Student Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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NUR 150 - Nursing II

9 Credit Hours (Lab)

This course further develops concepts of health and illness including biological defense mechanisms, infectious disease and chronic illness with a focus on care of adult and adolescent clients. The theory includes applying the nursing process to manage the care of clients in diverse settings. The emphasis is placed on utilizing critical thinking skills in applying the nursing process in the care of clients with acute and rehabilitative needs. Guided clinical experience facilitates continued development of nursing skills and the ability to apply theory to practice.

Prerequisite(s): COM 121  or COM 122 , BIO 255 , NUR 100  and all courses stated in the Selected Admissions Procedures in the current Reading Area Community College Student Catalog, and current CPR certification for the professional

Semesters Offered: Spring

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