Apr 10, 2021  
2017-18 RACC Student Catalog 
2017-18 RACC Student Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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OFT 212 - Office Procedures

3 Credit Hours

Introduction to the responsibilities and the opportunities of the professional office specialist position with a strong emphasis on the administrative aspects of office specialist work. These responsibilities includes telephone communication, customer service skills, records management, mailing operations, time management, and decision-making techniques.

Prerequisite(s): OFT 111  or permission of the instructor.


Professional office specialist employees perform a wide variety of tasks in addition to the basic skills of keyboarding and transcription.  This course provides the student with an opportunity to integrate the various skills and knowledge essential for employment in the office environment.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

A. demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the characteristics and importance of effective customer service skills in the workplace.

B. demonstrate the ability to file business information using alphabetic, numeric, subject, and geographic systems.

C. demonstrate the ability to use effective telephone and interpersonal communication skills in an office situation.

D. demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities and tasks performed by an office specialist.

E. demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of office specialist procedures, and applications.

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