Apr 10, 2021  
2017-18 RACC Student Catalog 
2017-18 RACC Student Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MET 210 - Process Control & Instrumentation

3 Credit Hours

This course covers the fundamentals of process control and instrumentation as applied in industry for the control of level, flow, temperature, and pressure. The concept of a control loop is introduced and each of the loop’s components-sensor, controller and final element- are examined. Design, documentation, operation, performance tuning, and troubleshooting of single loop systems is discussed.

Prerequisite(s): MET 130 , PHY 150 

Students are granted credit for Mechatronics Engineering Technology (MET) courses by articulation after completion of the course competencies through courses offered by RACC’s Workforce and Economic Development/Community Education Division. Students should contact the division to obtain information on course offerings.

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